Angie Jones Art Studio 2015

After two decades creating animation for award winning Hollywood Blockbusters, Angie has returned to traditional mediums and original content through painting. Jones is Assistant Professor for the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, at USC. Angie Jones earned a degree in Electronic Arts from the Atlanta College of Art in 1994 and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Laguna College of Art + Design in 2015. Jones’ first solo exhibition premiered at Prohibition Gallery Culver City (2014) and she has participated in various group exhibitions nationally. Angie Jones’ works can be found in private collections in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Mexico City and other cities around the world. Angie lives and works in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Jones’ depiction of a world consumed with 140 characters, 6-10 second videos, and emojis lies somewhere between the digital and the physical. Much like the subliminal messages of advertising and commercial art, Jones’ aesthetic choices come from influences of computers in our everyday life. She paints the splintered nature of humanity in a post-technological society.  In the artist’s words, “Omission through the abstraction is as important as what remains.”

Jones’ work has been shown at galleries and museums including: Ball State University Atrium Gallery (2015), Laguna Art Museum (2012 & 2015), Prohibition Gallery (2014), Bedford Gallery (2010 & 2014), Cella Gallery (2013), Fullerton Art Museum (2012), and The Chandler Center for Art in Arizona (2011), Rockford Art Museum (2011) and James Gray Gallery (2008).

Jones’ artwork has been published in LA Weekly (January 2015 issue); Apartment Therapy (November 2014), Platinum Cheese (August 2014: Studio Visit), Quiet Lunch (May 2014), Get Inspired (Summer 2014), Examiner (2013), and The Wall Street Journal (2010).